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I started to collect civilians and military items linked to World War II as and when I was only 11 years old. It started when I found military decorations and equipment which belonged to my family.

Through the year I began to add more and more items to my collection. Some I personally found in antiques, yard sale and internet. Furthermore, some people decided to make donations in order to preserve the military story of their relatives because they knew I would preserve it. In fact I don’t sell any donation. In 2007, I bought a pair of US military pants with a name and a serial number wrote on it. Thanks to different websites, I found out in 2010 a part of the story of the soldier the pants belonged to Balbour Talbert (1918-1967), 385 Field Artillery Battalion, 104th Infantry Division.

 Since that day, I tried as much as possible to uncover the story behind each object I found. Sometimes there is no name or serial number on it, the only evidence of their story is the memory passed down by the veterans themselves. During my tour in the United States, I saw too many items sold without story behind or military grouping split to make more money.

Through this page, I share a part my collection.